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Helena Abreu at the field and an employee at the matternity room

ALGAplus: from birth to youth

From right to left: ALGAplus CEO, Helena Abreu, at the outdoor facilities. An employee working in the maternity room.  Photos: © Alfonso Ré Lau and ALGAplus. ALGAplus is a Portuguese company that farms organic certified seaweed in a land-based facility, an alternative to wild harvesting which is still the origin of

IMTA site at Faroe Islands

Comparison of the growth of Saccharina latissima at a cultivated natural area in Sørvágsfjørður, Faroe Islands

IMTA site in in Sørvágsfjørður, Faroe Islands – Photos: Mayleen Schlund By Mayleen Schlund, student at Leibniz University Hannover Integrated-Multi-Trophic-Aquaculture (IMTA) has been implemented in aquaculture systems as a sustainable ecological approach to limit aquacultural impacts on aquatic environments. The integration of macroalgae, such as Saccharina latissima into IMTA can lead to