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Biolan Microbiosensores SL (Spain)

Biolan Microbiosensores is a Spanish SME focused on the development of biosensors with application on the food industry, offering unique analytical solutions.The biosensors developed by Biolan are an alternative way of meeting today’s needs in the agro-food sector: they are unique high-performance tools that can be used to monitor processes and products. Their high precision, speed and ease of use make them a highly competitive solution for the agro-food industry. The company has become a benchmark in analysis technology applied to the agro-food sector thanks to its development of biosensors for quality control and food safety. Biolan’s technology is based on its proprietary enzyme-based electrochemical biosensor technology platform. Biolan is a highly innovative SME that has been winner of the European programme SME Instrument Phase I and II. The European Commission selected SO2SAFE project for funding, accelerating market introduction of a portable biosensing device for sulphite monitoring in food. In addition, Biolan is beneficiary of FOODSELFI project and a partner in INNPAPER project, other H2020 projects.

Partners / Researchers

Arrate Jaureguibeitia

Innovation Manager in Biolan; PhD on Biotechnology from the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU); She led the Biotechnological Area of a chemical company, Inteman S.A.vShe holded a Postdoc Research Position in Pharmakine S.L.; As Innovation Manager in Biolan Microbiosensores S.L. she was the Project Manager of SO2SAFE (H2020-SMEINST-2-2015, GA 684026), she has participated in a number of EU funded projects (INNPAPER, FOODSELFI, LACTOPOC) and she is the coordinator of regional and national projects related to the development of biosensors for the food industry and diagnostic applications.

SEBIOT member (Asociación Española de Bioquímica, she is author and co-author of 8 publications and 5 international conference papers and she has the co-ownership of two patents.

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Sandra Salleres

Sandra Salleres, graduate in Chemistry, has great experience in developing enzymatic amperometric biosensors. She leads the New Product Development Area of Biolan which holds the development of new solutions, optimisation of marketed biosensors and external and official validations. She has participated in two EU projects (SO2SAFE and INNPAPER). She is author and co-author of 3 publications and she has the co-ownership of one patent.