Syntesa ASP (Denmark)


Syntesa ASP (Denmark)


SyntesaApS is a consulting company founded in 2012 by Ólavur Gregersen (SyntesaSp/F, Faroe Islands founded in 2004). The company is by past and present heavily involved in fishery and aquaculture related activities, be it through commercial or research projects. Syntesa has been WP leader of several EU FP7 and H2020 projects, including EcoFishMan, MareFrame, ClimeFish and FarFish. Syntesa also co-ordinated the Nordic project ‘Everything Ashore’ as well as the FP7 project ALL-SMART-PIGS.

Partners / Researchers

Thong Tien Nguyen

PhD in Business Administration with broad background in applied economics/micro-economics and econometrics for market research, socio-economic assessments and value chain analysis. He has worked as an economic analyst in several EU Horizon 2020 projects including Primefish, Climefish and Farfish.

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Olavur Gregersen

M.Sc. in Business Administration, Economics and International Trade from Aarhus University. Several years of business experience as a management consultant and business development adviser. His speciality is within market development, economic evaluation and management innovation. Project coordinator of FP6 project ALDA and FP7 project ALL-SMART-PIGS and WP leader in several EU projects, including most recently MareFrame and FarFish.

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PhD in Politics and Communication from the University of Liverpool. Research Project Manager at Syntesa. She has worked on EU FP7 and H2020 projects as well as other projects within the ‘blue’ bioeconomy. She is currently WP leader in the EU H2020 project ClimeFish.

Juliana Arias-Hansen

M.A. in International and Development Economics from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Researcher at Syntesa. She is currently working on the EU H2020 projects ClimeFish and the EU H2020 project FarFish.


National economist from the University of Copenhagen with specific expertise in National Economics, Socio-economic Analysis and Demographics and with an extensive knowledge in statistical analysis of large datasets.. He currently works with socio-economic impact assessments on the H2020 project ClimeFish.

Sveinn Agnarsson

Associate professor at the School of Business, University of Iceland. Agnarsson has worked on numerous projects, including the EU-financed projects, Ecofishman and MareFrame, and he is currently engaged in the two other fisheries projects, PrimeFish and ClimeFish.

Katrin I. Gregersen

M.Sc. in Supply Chain Management from Copenhagen University. Administration facilitator at Syntesa. She is an experienced corporate executive with a successful history in administration, project management, logistics, process documentation and quality control.