Case study meeting: Offshore macroalgae cultivation

AquaVitae workshop on offshore cultivation by Ocean Rainforest.

AquaVitae case study on “Offshore macroalgae cultivation” celebrated a stakeholder workshop with the objective of:

  • technically demonstrate offshore and sustainable seaweed cultivation by optimised logistics,
  • re-use of aquaculture equipment,
  • optimal site selection,
  • development of bio-secure storage methods for seaweed to use as feed for abalone.

The event took place on February 10th from 13:00 to 16:00 UTC.

The company Ocean Rainforest, case study leader, works with AquaVitae partners, Marifeed (South Africa), Sjokovin (Faroe Islands), Fiskaaling (Faroe Islands), Rhodes University (South Africa), University of New England (United States) and a diverse group of stakeholders covering the Atlantic basin.

  • Presentations: Site selection for macroalgal cultivation
    – Site selection in the Faroe Islands – Jóhannus Kristmundsson (Fiskaaling)
    – Site selection in the Gulf of Maine – Drew Resnick (Uni. of Edinburgh)
    – Site selection tool developed by NOAA – James Morris (NOAA)
  • Panel discussion: The need for an adequate regulatory framework for licenses and certifications – Eliza Harrison (Ocean Rainforest) and Eef Brouwers (North Sea Farmers)
  • Presentations : Logistics
    – Re-use of marine equipment in macroalgal cultivation – Floor Marsman (Ocean Rainforest)
    – Improved logistics in offshore cultivation – Olavur Gregersen (Ocean Rainforest)
  • Panel discussion: The need to upscale and the development of new technologies to reduce operation costs and take advantage of economies of scale – Bren Smith (Greenwave) and Javier Infante (Ocean Rainforest).
  • Presentations: Macroalgae in animal feed
  • Panel discussion: as feed for terrestrial and marine livestock