Blue Resource (Faroe Islands)

Blue Resource/Sjókovin (Faroe Islands)


Blue Resource is an independent, non-profit, research centre, founded in 2020. Blue Resource activities relate to sustainable development and innovation within fisheries and aquaculture. The main research activities of Blue Resource lie within socio-economic impacts assessment, fisheries management and risk asessments. The staff in Blue Resource have extensive experience within EU FP7 and H2020, and Nordic research projects. They have participated in MareFrame, FarFish, ClimeFish, Aquavitae and NextGenProteins as well as the Nordic project ‘Everything Ashore’ on total utilisation of demersal fisheries in the Nordic countries. For more information please visit

Partners / Researchers

Unn Laksá

CEO of Blue Resource. PhD in Politics from the University of Liverpool. She has extensive experience working on European fisheries and aquaculture research projects as well as other projects within the ‘blue’ bioeconomy. She was work package leader in the EU H2020 project ClimeFish, where she was responsible for risk assessment and socio-economic analysis. She also co-ordinated the Nordic project ‘Everything ashore’ and has been working on the EU FP7 project MareFrame, H2020 projects FarFish and NextGenProteins. She is currently leading the work on business and socio-economic analysis, profitability and exploitation in the EU H2020 project Aquavitae.

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Juliana Arias-Hansen

Researcher at Blue Resource. MA in International Economics and Development from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin – HTW. She has a broad background in market research, trade and finances, and socioeconomic analysis. Juliana has strong experience in researching aspects relating to fisheries and aquaculture. She has been working on the EU FP7 project Mareframe and the EU H2020 projects ClimeFish and Aquavitae. Currently she is WP leader on the EU H2020 project FarFish, on improving the sustainability of EU fisheries in distant waters.

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Sveinn Agnarsson

Associate Economist at Blue Resource. PhD in economics from the University of Gothenburg. Since completing his PhD, Sveinn has worked as director at the Institute of Economic Studies at the University of Iceland, but has since 2012 been a member of the School of Business at the University of Iceland. Sveinn’s core competences are in microeconomics and econometrics. His research has primarily focused on various aspects of fisheries management. He has taken part in a number of international fisheries projects including Ecofishman, MareFrame, PrimeFish and ClimeFish. He is currently WP leader of the EU H2020 Project NextGenProteins.

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