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Hatchery protocols for production of blue mussel seeds

AUTHORS:Camille Saurel, Clarie Ng, Pascal Barreau, Iarfhlaith Connellan, Colin Hannon, Adam Hughes, Pernille Nielsen SUMMARYMytilus edulis, commonly known as the blue mussel, is the second most economically important mussel cultivated in Europe. Faced with increasing spatial limitations inshore, researchers and industry are looking at distant offshore sites for longline cultivation with

Overview of culture systems for low trophic species

This report was developed as a learning material for use in the AquaVitae MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) developed by the project during 2021-2022. The report presents the concept of low trophic species, discusses some of the most commonly used classification systems for culture systems (open/closed systems and intensive/extensive systems),

Low Trophic Life from Porto: “Young in aquaculture”

The student section of the AquaVitae participated in the General Assembly 2022 in Porto, Portugal. They shared their experiences in the aquaculture industry and other apprentice exchanges. Stef Claessens, Abigail John, Stefany Almeida Pereira, Gerardo Díaz and Mayleen Schlund are passionate about the ocean and the sustainability. Their studies lead them

AquaVitae workshop on offshore cultivation by Ocean Rainforest.

Case study meeting: Offshore macroalgae cultivation

AquaVitae case study on “Offshore macroalgae cultivation” celebrated a stakeholder workshop with the objective of: technically demonstrate offshore and sustainable seaweed cultivation by optimised logistics,re-use of aquaculture equipment,optimal site selection,development of bio-secure storage methods for seaweed to use as feed for abalone. The event took place on February 10th from 13:00 to