AquaVitae will gather in Galway for its Final Conference


The AquaVitae Consortium warmly invite you to join us physically or online at our Final Meeting and Conference on 31st October and 1st November. The hybrid Conference event will take place in the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) facilities in Galway and can be followed online.

The purpose of this final Conference is to present the results of the research from different areas within the project. This ranges from hands-on work on individual species, to economic and policy perspectives as well as training, education and a raft of other research areas.

In addition, during the Annual Meeting there will be a stakeholder event, where representatives of Europe, Brazil and Africa will discuss the state of art of their sector from a policy and an industry point of view. Students and industrial apprentices from the AquaVitae exchange programme will also share also their experience and the impact the project has had in their careers.

The ultimate objective of this Final Conference is to highlight the impact and legacy of the project and it will also be a good opportunity to bid farewell to the H2020 AquaVitae project that has been running since 2019.

The meeting will have a hybrid format so everybody interested in low trophic aquaculture is welcome to attend.  Fill the form and unlock the potential of low trophic sustainable aquaculture in the Atlantic! Save your online seat: