Work Package One-Page Abstract

Work Package 1

Hatchery/seedling production

Work Package 2

Post hatchery/seedling to harvest processes

Abalone and sea urchin, the favourite products at the masterclass

Work Package 3

New or improved products

Blue Mussel larvae (D larvae) at Cartron Point Shellfish. Photo by Colin Hannon.

Work Package 4

Sensors, data integration and Internet of Things

Lloyd and Nicolas getting ready

Work Package 5

Food safety and nutrition, and market potential

oyster larvae

Work Package 6

Environmental monitoring, risk assessment, and sustainability

shrimp biofloc imta

Work Package 7

Business and socio-economic analysis, profitability and exploitation

Gercende Courtois, researcher at Aquavitae project

Work Package 8

Aquaculture policy and governance

Philip James, AquaVitae´s coordinator

Work Package 9

Knowledge building, training, communication and network facilitating