Bohus Havsbruk AB (Sweden)

Bohus Havsbruk AB (Sweden)

Bohus Havsbruk is a large scale ecological mussel farming company based on the west coast of Sweden. Since the start in 2013 we have had a continuous growth and have now reached a production capacity of 5 000 tons of mussels per year. In addition to the mussels we have started a small farm growing the native flat oyster Ostrea edulis.


The ambition is to scale up the production in the next coming years. We work continuously with improving and adapting existing culture techniques and equipment to local conditions and we have a strong collaboration with equipment manufacturers in order to optimise our equipment for the specific conditions of the farm locations and to keep the production costs at a minimum. The productions process is under continuous improvement and we monitor the mussels and oysters carefully in order to maximise quality. We have been involved in a number of EU-projects founded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

Partners / Researchers

Katrin Persson

Broad experience and knowledge about mussel and oyster farming. Involved in several projects concerning new technology and process development. Katrin is also the chairman of the board of the Swedish Shellfish producer organisation (SSPO).

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