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The Technical University of Denmark is a self-governed university that operates at a high international level in a wide array of research areas within science and technology. The Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) provides research, education and advice concerning sustainable exploitation of living marine and fresh water resources and conducts the Danish national monitoring on fish and fisheries for the EU. DTU Aqua conducts research across a wide range of marine and freshwater disciplines, principally focusing on fisheries and aquaculture production and the underlying processes.


DTU Aqua has a high international standing within marine sciences and technology and extensive experience in coordinating and managing scientific projects, including the coordination of EU framework projects (e.g. DISCARDLESS, MYFISH, EURO-BASIN, SUNFISH, MEECE, PROTECT, FACTS, UTOFIA). It has on-going activities in applied marine technology and has a wealth of experience in communicating and engaging with stakeholders and policy makers. The Danish Shellfish Centre within DTU Aqua, is the leading research group in the world for conducting research on mussel mitigation cultures and has extensive knowledge and experience in establishing and producing mussels.

Partners / Researchers

Jens Kjerulf Petersen

Professor at DTU since 2014, PhD in 1994, working with eco-physiology of marine suspension-feeders, bentho-pelagic coupling in coastal environments especially in relation to using suspension-feeders as a tool to mitigate eutrophication. He has participated in a number of EU funded projects as either coordinator (OPTIMUS, EU-BONUS), co-coordinator (PhaSe, FP4) or has been involved in several other FPs (CERES (H2020), SPICOSA (FP6) and THRESHOLDS (FP6-SUSTDEV)). He has been appointed to the Permanent Mussel Committee, Denmark since 2004 and as a member of ICES working group on Aquaculture since 2013. He has published >60 peer-reviewed papers on a variety of topics related to suspension feeders and aquaculture as well as >70 scientific reports for national and international environmental, aquaculture and fisheries management.

Social Profiles:

Pernille Nielsen

Scientist, PhD in mussel filtration and bioenergetics in long-line mussel production from the University of Copenhagen. She has been working with shellfish biology, bio-energetics, fishery, aquaculture and environmental impact assessments and management of shellfish fishery and aquaculture since 2013. She has been co-coordinator and participants in several research projects including EU funded projects like CERES (H2020) and OPTIMUS (EU-BONUS), member of the Permanent Mussel Committee, Denmark since 2014 and has 8 international peer-review papers, >15 national reports and more than 10 conference presentations.

Social Profiles:

Patrizio Mariani

Senior Researcher and Head of the Observation Technology group at DTU Aqua. He holds a PhD from the University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy. His research focuses on autonomous system for ocean observations, robotics, ecological modelling, food-web interactions and spatial ecology particularly marine pelagic communities. Since 2016 he is elected Chair of the EUROMARINE Steering Committee and Danish representative at the European Marine Board. He is also member of different advisory boards including EMBRIC. He is author of >30 peer-reviewed publications. In the past 5 years he has been coordinator of national research project in the field of marine technology and robotics, and coordinator for the European Maritime and Fishery Fund, while PI in several EU projects since FP6 (e.g., EuroBASIN, COCONET, COLUMBUS, UTOFIA) as well as in additional 10 externally-funded national and international projects.