Marifeed PTY LTD (South Africa)

Marifeed PTY LTD (South Africa)

Marifeed is a global supplier of specialised aqua feeds for use in the culture of abalone. Our manufacturing facility at the southern tip of South Africa produces our range of abalone feeds. We trial and develop our feeds on abalone farms which belong to our customers. Our feeds are developed in real conditions and we can advise our clients on the best feeding strategies.

Partners / Researchers

Rowan Yearsley

Rowan Yearsley is the Managing Director of Marifeed and the CEO of the abalone farming company, Aqunion. Holding a Masters Degree, specialising in aquaculture, from Rhodes University, he has a solid academic base in biological sciences as well as extensive experience in commercial aquaculture operations and R&D. Rowan served as the Research & Development Manager of Aqunion for 8 years.

Social Profiles:

Dirk Weich

Dirk Weich is the General Manager of Marifeed. He holds a BSc degree in Agricultural Food Science and has 18 years’ experience in food manufacturing and product development.

Gerrit Ferreira

Gerrit Ferreira consults to Marifeed on feed development and nutrition. He has a BSc (Hon) degree in Agricultural Sciences and 25 years’ experience in formulating feeds for agriculture and aquaculture.