Miljostiftelsen Bellona (Norway)

Miljostiftelsen Bellona (Norway)


The Bellona Foundation was founded in 1986 and is an independent, non-profit organisation. Bellona aims to meet and fight global warming, through identifying and implementing sustainable environmental solutions. Bellona has approx. 50 employees working at the main office in Oslo and our international offices in Brussels (Belgium/EU) and Russia (St. Petersburg and Murmansk).


Bellona has over 20 years of experience when it comes to international projects (including a FP7 project), and is currently involved in various projects that focus on improving the dialogue between civil society, research and government. Bellona has worked in the interface between the aquaculture industry, science, politics and governance of the sector for many years, as we believe the production of low trophic species has the potential to realise low impact production of food and raw materials for feed and bioprocessing. We see increased production of marine, low trophic species as crucial to meet some of the major challenges of food and feed security on a global level without further worsening global warming and other environmental issues.

Partners / Researchers

Anders Karlsson-Drangsholt

Anders has an MSc in aquaculture (2006) and a PhD in fish physiology (2010) from the Norwegian University of Life Science. He has ten years experience from science in fish biology, where he worked on projects aimed at solving challenges in the aquaculture and fisheries sectors. After joining Bellona in 2016 he has been involved in research projects both as an active participant doing field work and in reference and stake holder groups. He has also worked on a range of research project tasks such as planning, management, lab and field work and writing articles.

Social Profiles:

Kari Torp

Kari holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology in marine resources and aquaculture from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and a Master’s degree in aquatic medicine from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH). Before she joined Bellona, she worked with aquaculture insurance as well as with fish health services.