Nofima (Norway)


Nofima (Norway)

Nofima is the fusion of several Norwegian food research institutes and covers all food sectors and links in the value chain. With 360 employees at 6 locations and a turnover of more than 60 MEUR Nofima is one of Europe’s largest institutes for applied research within the fields of food, fisheries and aquaculture, all three of Nofima research groups are involved in AquaVitae.


Scientists from the ‘’Aquaculture’’ division have extensive experience with aquaculture of a variety of marine species from multiple trophic levels. This includes relevant national and international projects in the areas of production biology, feed manufacturing and optimal use, invertebrate aquaculture and fish aquaculture.


Scientists from the “Industrial economics and strategic management” group have extensive international experience from relevant projects in the food sector, and carries out RTD, method development and standardisation processes related to value-chain analysis, industrial economics, profitability, cost-benefit analysis and decision support tools. Scientists from the


“Consumer and marketing research” group have extensive experience related to consumer and buying behavior, marketing strategies, market segmentation, sustainability, and food labelling.

Partners / Researchers

Philip James

Senior scientist, working at Nofima since 2008, PhD in Marine and conservation ecology, working with a wide range of scientific areas including production biology, development of new aquaculture species, invertebrate biology, aquaculture and fisheries and aquaculture business development.

He has participated in a number of EU funded projects including WP leadership (Framework 7 project) and coordinating (Northern Periphery and Arctic Program funded project URCHIN) as well as coordinating and participating in a range of other national and international projects. He has published more than 35 peer-refereed papers in the aquaculture field as well as more than 50 commercial reports and presented at more than 30 international conferences.

Petter Olsen

Senior scientist at Nofima since 1993, Dr.philos in Food Traceability, working with applications of ICT in the food industry, especially related to traceability, value chain analysis, information logistics, production management, simulation, sustainability, and decision support systems. Serves as an adviser to FAO, WWF, EFSA, the Nordic Industrial Fund, the EC, and to several EC-funded projects on these subjects.

Coordinator of the EU 5FP TraceFish project, the EU 7FP WhiteFish project; leader or WP leader in numerous other national and international projects. Author or co-author of 4 CWAs, 2 ISO standards (ISO 12875 and 12877), more than 15 peer-refereed scientific publications, and more than 50 conference presentations.

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Themistoklis Altintzoglou

Senior scientist, PhD in Consumer Research and Product Development. Research on food choice determinants: product perception, food labelling, production methods, country of origin, personality and psychological factors. Author and co-author of more than 80 scientific publications (27 articles and 57 conference papers), based on several national and international projects.

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