PF Fiskaaling (Faroe Islands)

PF Fiskaaling (Faroe Islands)


Fiskaaling is a small non-profit company owned by the government. The company was founded in 1972, with the main task to develop aquaculture into an industry in the Faroe Islands. The aquaculture industry is still the motivation for our research and development activity, with focus on the physical and biological interactions between aquaculture and the environment. Fiskaaling is a trusted collaborator in the Faroese aquaculture industry.

Ongoing research projects include establishment and ecological effects of IMTA, benthic impact from fish farming, and ocean dynamics in fjords and at farming sites. Interdisciplinary collaboration between oceanographers, modelers, ocean engineers and marine ecologists is well established, and ensures a comprehensive approach to aquaculture related issues.

Partners / Researchers

Gunnvør á Norði

Scientist, PhD in marine ecology, working with a wide range of scientific areas related to fjord ecology and aquaculture. These include carbon and nitrogen cycling in fjords, nutrient availability and primary production, benthic biogeochemistry, IMTA and distribution and infection of planktonic sea lice. Sha has participated in international projects and coordinated several national projects in collaboration with the fish farming industry. She has also been heavily involved in the re-evaluation of the national environmental monitoring on sea cage farming.


Scientist, PhD in ocean engineering working with a wide range of scientific areas related to ocean dynamics and aquaculture. He has several years of experience in designing and conducting fieldwork in harsh Atlantic Ocean environment and advising the industry on the construction and location of aquaculture operations. He has led several national projects and has participated in international projects. The main task in most projects is the design of fieldwork operations and leading work in the field and data processing. He is the main adviser for the Faroese industry on the development of salmon farming in highly exposed areas.