Primar Aquacultura Ltda (Brazil)

Primar Aquacultura Ltda (Brazil)

PRIMAR AQUACULTURA is the first certified organic aquaculture farm in Brazil, with 40 hectares of production ponds which present ideal conditions for farming estuarine species. Established in 1993, PRIMAR started by cultivating the whiteleg shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei and later in 2005, after implementing PRIMAR’s System of Organic Aquaculture, the native oyster Crassostrea gasar was introduced to this culture system. After years of research, the laboratory of C. gasar seed production came into operation in 2014, in order to produce and supply high quality seeds. Finally, in 2015, PRIMAR obtained its license to cultivate the longsnout seahorse Hippocampus reidi for ornamental purposes and the activity kicked off in 2016.

Partners / Researchers

Marcia Kafensztok

Bachelor’s degree in Design and Master’s degree in Design IHC. Owner and CEO of PRIMAR.

Uilson Leite de Goes

Agricultural Technician and manager of PRIMAR.

José Agnaldo Silvino Frades

Aquaculture Technician. Responsible for the laboratory of native oyster seed production (Crassostrea gasar).

Cecilia Inés Tito

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine. Responsible for maintaining the collection of microalgae strains of the laboratory of native oyster seed production.

Patricia Kelly Alves Pereira

Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Master’s degree in Aquaculture, Environment and Society from the University of the Highlands and Islands in partnership with University