Scea France Haliotis (France)

Scea France Haliotis (France)

France Haliotis is a leading SME in the development of abalone aquaculture in Europe. First abalone hatchery and grow-out farm certified organic in the world, France Haliotis has developed original farming techniques allowing abalone to be grown at sea using fresh seaweed.


France Haliotis is partner in several key projects in abalone and seaweed aquaculture at European or National level: SUDEVAB (EU FP7 SME capacities project on sustainable abalone farming, technical coordination), IDEALG (French National project on seaweed culture and valorisation), GENORMEAU (National FEAMP project on abalone genetic selection), and BIODIVORMEAU (French National project on wild seaweed stock management and the biodiversity associated with abalone farming, coordinator), ICO-BIO (National research project on the effect of global warming and ocean acidification on European abalone biology).

Partners / Researchers

Sylvain Huchette

Agriculture Engineer and PhD in Marine Biology from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Sylvain Huchette has over 18 years of experience with abalone biology, ecology and Aquaculture and has contributed to over 40 research articles on abalone. His expertise cover a large range of topics related to abalone aquaculture ranging from nutrition, ocean acidification, genetic or pathology.

Social Profiles:

Guillaume Colin

BSc in aquaculture. Aquaculture technician with a relevant expertise in mollusc farming at sea. He has recently developed new and more sustainable techniques to manage the supply of fresh seaweed to France Haliotis abalone grow-out (BIODIVORMEAU project).

Maryvonne Leroux

MSc in Aquaculture. She has an extensive experience in abalone hatchery and seaweed culture in land-based systems and has significantly contributed to the successive research program on seaweed culture.