VereinZur Forderung des Technologietrasfers an der Hochschule Bremerhaven EV (Germany)


VereinZurForderung des Technologietrasfers an der Hochschule Bremerhaven EV (Germany)


TTZ is an innovative provider of applied research and development, customer-oriented training and technology transfer services for private companies, mainly SMEs, employing a multicultural and multidisciplinary staff of approx. 50 employees (scientist, engineers, and technicians) with a female employee ratio of 40%, working in the field of food technology, biomass production and recovery, aquaculture and water treatment, consumer science and process technology.


TTZ has coordinated and participated in more than 400 European and international projects, ranging from small and medium scale (6-10 partners) to large-scale projects (> 20 partners). In the field of aquaculture TTZ has experience in sustainable water and wastewater management (water supply, appropriate water treatment, disinfection, filtration, etc.), development of animal feed recipes, recycling of deployed feed, sensory tests of aquaculture products, process- and facility optimisation (including planning/execution of pilots, designing/constructing of prototypes), feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, etc. TTZ has more than 1000 m2 dedicated to chemical, physical, and microbiological laboratories for analytics as well as pilot plant dedicated to food technology and another 400m² experimental work in pilot scale in waste management or water treatment.


The sensory laboratory is equipped with 10 test cabins, a modern kitchen, and a meeting room. The staff is well experienced in the performance of consumer tests, expert panel evaluations for various product categories according to DIN/ISO standards, and sensory related research.

Partners / Researchers

Marie Shrestha

Senior project manager at TTZ. Marie Shrestha owns a MSc in Food Technology and has over 12 years experience in management of European and national research projects in the area of food technology and bioprocess. She was involved in projects such as BIOACTIVE-NET (FP6), BRAINHEALTHFOOD (FP7), NAFISPACK (FP7), IQ-FRESHLABEL (FP7), BREADGUARD (FP7), FLOURpower (FP7), PrimeFish (H2020). Marie Shrestha has expertise in the valorisation of by-products from the food industry in high-value bioactive compounds and has been involved in the CommNet (FP7) to facilitate the communication of EU Bioeconomy research to the general public and to key target groups including: media, young people, industry and policy makers.

Imke Matullat

Food and nutrition scientist with over 12 years of experience in applied sensory science at TTZ. Imke Matullat is currently involved in the PrimeFish project (H2020). She will contribute with her experience in nutrition and sensory perception/sensory preferences of consumers, as well as projects combining sensory and analytical data. Imke Matullat will work closely with the other team members Kathrin Mittag and Claudia Renken to carry out the sensory assessments required for the project. Imke Matullat co-created and is currently leading the professional qualification course of “Fish Sommelier”.

Social Profiles:

Tobias Fitzel

Specialist for food technology owning a Bachelor of Engineering (FH) for food technology working at TTZ as project manager for more than 6 years. Tobias Fitzel has extensive experiences in the field of extrusion technology (Pet-feed, Snacks, Cereals, Pasta) with more than 1000 extruded formulations and recipes.