Wild Coast Abalone (South Africa)

Wild Coast Abalone (South Africa)

Wild Coast Abalone Wild Coast Abalone is the only abalone farm in the Eastern Cape and the third largest in South Africa. It has been in existence since 1998. The company primarily breeds, grows, processes, markets and exports abalone, a highly sought after seafood delicacy.


Wild Coast Abalone also operates in the fields of:

  • Seaweed Production
  • Experimental Abalone Fishing
  • Experimental Abalone Ranching and Stock Enhancement
  • East Coast Rock Lobster on-growing and export.


Wild Coast Abalone technology has been developed through focused in-house research and a commitment to continual improvement. Future plans include expansion of the current facility, capitalising on current experimental work and renewable energy. Currently Wild Coast Abalone produces in excess of 180 ton of premium quality abalone for the Far Eastern Markets each year.


The company has a standing stock of 5 million abalone kept in approximately 14,000 baskets in our production system. Shore based seaweed production (over 50t/month of Ulva and Gracillaria) in abalone effluent contributes significantly to the farms abalone feed supply. This also has a significant environmental advantage since the seaweed is used to polish the effluent water from the abalone farm. The natural seaweed also provides the abalone micro nutrients. Wild Coast Abalone markets it’s abalone both live and dried. Live abalone is flown out to the Far East three twice a week.


The company has obtained the technology to process and dry abalone into premium quality dried in our state –of-the-art abalone drying facility. Wild Coast Abalone has spun of several sister companies operating in Abalone Ranching and Stock Enhancement and Lobster. In these companies, community co-ops and even the long time workers at Wild Coat Abalone has been offered a stake in the businesses. The business currently employs about 140 people on a permanent basis. Production capacity will increase to 300 ton per year. Wild Coast Abalone plans to achieve this in the next five years.

Partners / Researchers

Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke is the chief executive officer and founding member of Wild Coast Abalone. After completing a degree is development economics he gained experience abalone farming in California in order to establish Wild Coast Abalone in South Africa in 1998. He has been responsible for all aspects of the development of the company since then. He has expertise in the commercial culture and marketing of abalone, seaweed, rock lobster and sea urchins. He serves as the Chair of the Abalone Export Council of South Africa.