AquaVitae at Aquaculture Europe 2023-Vienna

AquaVitae shows its work at Aquaculture Europe 2023

AquaVitae will show its advances and results at Aquaculture Europe 2023 in Vienna, Austria . AquaVitae is sharing booth #148 with our sister project ASTRAL from the 19 to the 21 September.

New aquaculture value chains, new processes and new species from the lowest levels of the food chain will be on the spotlight.

Visit us at booth 148 and get to know more about the project and its advances up to date!

In addition to having a booth, AquaVitae will hold three presentations and a workshop.

  • Modelling waste assimilation by blue mussels within the spatial constrains of commercial fish farm, implications for IMTA, by Gunvor A Nordi, on Tuesday at 11.30
  • Comparative analysis of the environmental sustainability of macroalgae, oysters, and low trophic level fish natives to South America, by Wagner Valenti (UNESP) on Wednesday 20th at 16.30
  • Empowering Atlantic aquaculture, insights from H2020: AquaVitae project knowledge management and capacity building iniciatives, by Philip James, AquaVitae coordinator, on Thursday at 09:30
  • Correlation between the SDGs and sustainability indicators for the evaluation of aquaculture systems in Brazil, by Patricia Moraes (UNESP) on Thurday 21st at 14,30
  • Natural spawning and larviculture of Holothuria grisea: a new candidate for mariculture in the western Atlantic coast, by Luis Sampaio (FURG) on Thursday 21st at 16:15

Want to know more before visiting the stand? Dive in our Case Study One-page Abstracts!

Contact us at and check all the activities at EAS.ORG.

Event Details

Tue 19 Sep 2023
Booth #148