AquaVitae sessions in Aquaculture Europe 21

AquaVitae arrives at Aquaculture Europe with a taster of the on-going work on sustainable aquaculture across the Atlantic:

5 October

– Open Ocean Cultivation of Seaweed-Scaling-up Proven Concepts. Funchal-Hotel. 10.30 h

– Sexual Reproduction in the Green Macroalga Codium tomentosum – A “New Species” for Aquaculture. 10.30 h – Funchal-Hotel.

– Development of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Sustainable Aquaculture for Low-Trophic Species. 10.30 h – View Room – Casino

– Effects of Microalgae Addition and Fish Feed Supplementation in the Integrated Rearing of Pacific White Shrimp and Nile Tilapia Using Biofloc Technology. 10.30 h – Funchal-Hotel

6 October

– Should Traceability Systems in the Aquaculture Industry Be Based on Blockchain Technology? 10.30 h -Lisboa-Hotel

– Development of an Easy to operate Hatchery Protocol for Blue Mussel Mytilus edulis Seed Production. 10.30 h – Sydney-Hotel

– Impact of Transport on Subsequent Roe enhancement of the sea Urchins Stronylocentrotus droebachiensis and Paracentrotus lividus. 10.30 h- Sydney-Hotel

7 October

– A Framework for Sustainability Analysis of Low-Trophic Species Aquaculture Across the Atlantic. 9.00 h. Lisboa-Hotel

– Developing an IMTA Value Chain: Sea Based Farming of Macroalgae and Mussel in Saldanha Bay, South Africa. 9.00 h. Mezzanine-Casino


Acclimatation of Macroalgae Ulva ohnoi in Different Salinities in the Biofloc System

Fisheries By-products as Functional Ingredients for Aquaculture Feeds

Mussel Meal as a Protein Source in Diets of Gilthead Seabream Juveniles Source

Check the full program of the congress.

Event Details

Mon 4 Oct 2021
9.00 h CEST