CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) kick-off meeting

The EU-funded research and innovation project AquaVitae will produce a Good Practice recommendation for Low Trophic Aquaculture (LTA) hatchery production. The Good Practice recommendation will be published as a CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA), and the CWA process is open to anyone who wishes to join.

The kick-off meeting for the CWA process will be on Tuesday September 27th in the “Squero room” at “Palacongressi di Rimini” from 10.00-13.00 in Rimini, at the onset of the Aquaculture Europe 2022 conference. If you’re interested in participating, please register with: 

Petter Olsen: petter.olsen@nofima.no

Thank you for participating!

Looking forward to meeting you in the workshop!

  • September 27th
  • Squero room at Palacongressi di Rimini
  • From 10:00 to 13:00 CET
  • Registration at: petter.olsen@nofima.no

Event Details

Tue 27 Sep 2022
13:00 CET
Rimini, Italy