GAIN workshop on novel Aquafeeds

This 6-hour workshop will present and discuss novel developments of knowledge on novel fish feeds that support eco-intensification of the European aquaculture industry, providing training to professionals on this topic, including aspects of value creation and sustainable use of by-products and side streams from aquaculture, fisheries and agro-industries.

This activity is supported by the CCMAR team in the AquaVitae project, together with H2020 projects GAIN, PerformFISHAquaIMPACTMEDAID, NewTechAqua, and the project SUSHIN (Italy).

Target groups

Professionals in the aquafeed value chain (e.g., Junior and Senior staff involved in R&D, formulation and technical support), and research institutions (e.g., Lecturers, Researchers, PhD students, post-docs) across the enlarged European Union and other countries.


21 September 2021- Online, 9.30 – 12.30 CEST

Part 1: Introduction – what are sustainable aquafeeds?
Part 2: Novel ingredients – Strengths and Weaknesses
Yeast and bacterial proteins, PAPs from agroindustry by-products, By-products from aquaculture, Micro and macro-algae, Mineral and Vitamin sources, Challenges for a sustainable supply

22 September 2021- Online, 9.30 – 12.30 CEST
Part 3: Alternative fish feed formulations – Results for the industry
Results from projects GAIN,  PerformFISH, AquaIMPACT, MEDAID and SUSHIN
Part 4: Novel tools to assess feed performance  – Where are we and how to progress
Molecular Biomarkers, Microbiome analysis, Simulation models