Low Trophic Life Webinar: “Macroalgae from IMTA: Substitute Diet for Abalone Aquaculture?”

Photo in collage featuring Ben Opara.

Last low-trophic life webinar of 2021. December´s topic: Macroalgae from IMTA: Substitute Diet for Abalone Aquaculture? Ben Opara delivered his master’s thesis in Marine Biotechnology earlier this year at UiT The Arcitic University of Norway. In his thesis, he compared the biochemical composition and bioactivity of the European abalone, Haliotis tuberculata coccinea which were cultured on three diet regimens. Results showed that macroalgae produced from IMTA can be used either as a substitute diet or as a supplement to formulated diets. We look forward to hearing Ben present the results – and what they can mean for the future development of abalone feed.



In 2008, Ben Opara completed his bachelor’s studies in Microbiology at Abia State University in Nigeria. 13 years later, he obtained his MSc in Marine Biotechnology from UiT The Arcitic University of Norway as a part of the AquaVitae project.

Event Details

Thu 16 Dec 2021
14:00 CEST / 14:00 CAT / 09:00 GMT-3