Playing with low trophic species for European Maritime Day In My Country

CETMAR, as partner of the AquaVitae project, joins the “European Maritime Day in my country” campaign, an initiative of the European Union to highlight ocean advocacy and the importance of oceans and seas in fostering a sustainable blue economy.

Under this framework CETMAR promotes a workshop on 15th November in Vigo, Spain, that focuses on aquaculture and gamification techniques to raise awareness on aquaculture while playing the AquaVitae Game, a board game launched in April 2023 in Florianópolis, Brazil, within the Consortium and presented to the general public on November 1st during the Final Conference in Galway, Ireland.

The event is also included in the celebrations of the Aquaculture Day in Spain, celebrated on 30 November. During the session, the AquaVitae Game will be played by students from the Galician master’s degree in Aquaculture, from the IEO and the IIM CSIC.

In addition, the participants can attend brief presentations on aquaculture at the IEO, by researcher Montse Pérez Rodríguez, on Galician mussels and its carbon footprint, by Xosé A. Álvarez Salgado, researcher at the CSIC. Javier Remiro, representative of the Fundación Biodiversidad (Biodiversity Foundation), will also take part in the event.

For more information and to register for the workshop, please send an email to or

Event Details

Wed 15 Nov 2023
10.00 AM CEST
Eduardo Cabello s/n, Vigo (Spain)