I.-Macroalgal production

Case Studies

The macroalgae value chain joins the case studies focus on:

  • Lead scientific partner: CIIMAR
  • Lead industrial partner: ALGAplus

This case study will advance the state of the art by developing know-how on cultivation techniques for macro algae with potential for commercial use.

Either in the food industry and/or if there is potential of use in the nutraceutical and cosmetics industry.

Specific tasks will include:

  • Producing seeding material for the species Codiumspp., Ulva spp. in Portugal and Gracilariaspp. in Brazil.
  • Optimising cultivation conditions on land (cultivation density, aeration, light levels and water usage in small scale tanks and pilot scale units
  • Characterise the nutritional value and biochemical composition of macroalgae produced at different conditions and sites (Portugal and Brazil)
  • Lead scientific partner: Ocean Rainforest
  • Lead industrial partner: Marine Feed

This case study aims to further develop the cultivation and processing capacity at Ocean Rainforest,

and identify possibilities for expansion of macroalgal production in other areas of the Atlantic Ocean.

Specific tasks will include:

  • Establishing and proving the feasibility of large scale offshore sustainable macroalgae cultivation with optimised logistics and production levels.
  • Facilitating upscaling and replication of large scale offshore sustainable macroalgae cultivation by identifying testing characteristics of suitable sites and species.
  • Performing validation based on quantified ecosystem service measurements with respect to obtained CO2 credits and nutrient mitigation.

Photos by Philip James, NOFIMA, and Urd Grandorf, Ocean Rainforest.