Low Trophic Life Webinar: “How biosensors can modernize sulfite monitoring process in shrimp aquaculture”

Photo in collage featuring Jone Garate.

AquaVitae partner Biolan is developing a smart sulphite biosensor for shrimp aquaculture allowing for fast, accurate and simple sulphite testing. In the crustacean industry, sulphite additives are used to prevent crustacean melanosis, contributing to keep the sensory properties and consumer acceptability of the product. However, sulphites are considered as allergens by the main regulatory bodies on food safety because of their adverse health effects. The industry must control the sulphite concentration to comply with the existing regulations in the use of additives and allergens.


Dr. Jone Garate holds a BSc in Chemistry (2012) and a MSc in Pharmacology (2013) from the University of Basque Country. In 2019 she received her PhD in Chemistry for her research on mass spectrometry based metabolomics studies.

She leads the Development and Validation Department in Biolan, working on the development, optimization and validation of electrochemical biosensors to quantify different molecules for food safety and quality in agro-food sector.

Event Details

Thu 28 Oct 2021
14:00 CEST / 14:00 CAT / 09:00 GMT-3