AquaVitae, ASTRAL & EATiP join forces to enhance sustainable aquaculture in the Atlantic

all atlantic side event with eatip, astran and aquavitae

EATiP, ASTRAL and AquaVitae organized a side event in order to show what their collaboration might bring

How can trans-Atlantic research collaboration help develop a more sustainable aquaculture industry?

With this question in mind, AquaVitae, ASTRAL and EATiP organized a popular webinar which took place on the 3rd of June 2021, as a side-event to the All-Atlantic 2021 Conference. The aim of the webinar was to spark dialogue and boost cooperation between aquaculture stakeholders working in and around the Atlantic Ocean.

Over 100 participants from the Atlantic basin – including from countries in Europe, Africa, South and North America – joined online to discuss challenges and opportunities within aquaculture research.

During the event, scientists from different continents shared experiences and good practices on research cooperation. Their message was clear: together we can foster and enhance sustainable aquaculture activities and practices in the Atlantic. The participants offered several hands-on examples and opportunities on innovation, stakeholder participation, social awareness, and capacity building.

The participants has also been introduced to the new All-Atlantic Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (AA-ATiP), which aims to become an “EATiP mirror platform” in Brazil, as a first step towards an All-Atlantic Aquaculture Platform. The AA-ATiP, that can serve an industry-driven Atlantic multi-stakeholder aquaculture platform, is currently in its implementation phase, under the AANChOR Project.

The organisers, AquaVitae, ASTRAL and EATiP were pleased with the large turnout of the event. If you are unfamiliar with them, AquaVitae and ASTRAL are both acronyms for longer-titled Horizon 2020 projects. In short, AquaVitae (2019-2023) aims to increase sustainable, low-trophic aquaculture production in and around the Atlantic Ocean, by developing new species, processes and products. ASTRAL (2020-2024) works with integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA). They both aim to define, support and promote this type of sustainable aquaculture production across the Atlantic area. EATiP stands for European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform. It is an international non-profit association that develops, supports and fosters technology and innovation in the aquaculture sector across the European aquaculture value chain, accompanied by leading research groups and key representative associations and organisations.

The three organisers, AquaVitae, ASTRAL and EATiP, have common goals: in particular, the development of new technologies and new markets for aquaculture products, focusing on the same species (e.g., sea urchins) and production methods (e.g., IMTA). For this reason, they need feedback and engagement from the same type of stakeholders. Clearly, it was only a matter of time before they ended up working together. The AANChOR project and the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance also contributed to strengthening these synergies.

Several challenges remain in terms of developing sustainable aquaculture practices and processes in and around the Atlantic Ocean. Together, AquaVitae, ASTRAL and EATiP will continue to work towards boosting innovation and cooperation in this field.

Want to learn more and watch a recording of the webinar? Click here.