AquaVitae in Aquaculture Europe 21, Mdeira.

AquaVitae project provided some presentations and posters during Aquaculture Europe 2021 in Madeira, Portugal

Once again, the European Aquaculture Society organized Aquaculture Europe. In 2021 edition Madeira, Portugal, was chosen to celebrate the event that took place last October. The island welcomed more than 1400 participants from 57 countries.  Among other presentations, AquaVitae members participated in the session on IMTA and aquaponics, chaired by Gercende Courtois de Viçose (researcher at ULPGC and leader of the land-based IMTA case study). Furthermore, Case Study 5 and Case Study 12&13 presented their latest work on biofloc and low-trophic species feeds in 3 posters.

macroalgae aquaculture eas 2021

Case Study 5 poster: Acclimatation of Macroalgae Ulva ohnoi in Different Salinities in the Biofloc System

From the UFSC (Brazil), CS5 will develop IMTA systems in Brazil to improve efficiency in production. They presented a poster that shows how macroalgae grow in 4 different tested salinities, demonstrating the possibilities of the multitrophic system. It integrates them with species that support a lower salinity.


                                  Case Study 12&13 poster: Fisheries By-products as Functional Ingredients for Aquaculture Feeds

CS12&13 are CSIC (Spain) and CCMAR (Portugal). Both organizations work together in order to investigate the potential for utilization of by-products from low-trophic aquaculture. This poster shows how these feeds are developed.

                       Case Study 12&13 poster: Mussel Meal as a Protein Source in Diets of Gilthead Seabream Juveniles Source

Again, CS12&13 unify their forces. This poster shows that it is possible to replace fishmeal by mussel meal, offering data of growth performance along with feed utilization.

In total 383 Eposters were presented online and on several viewing stations in the conference area. Posters presented in EAS21 are available here.

Aquaculture Europe 2022 will be celebrated in Rimini, Italy from September 27-30. Find more information at