Tasting the low trophic world

Master class: tasting the low-trophic world

From left to right: Nolwenn Corre, chef invited to the Masterclass, and abalone (picture by Simon Cohen), one of the species cooked in the event.

Aquavitae industrial partner France Haliotis organizes along with the environmental organisation Ethic Ocean and Ineval project the Masterclass AquaVitae: cooking and tasting of sustainable aquaculture products. The event will take place at France Haliotis’ farm next October 10th in Plouguerneau, a village in the North of Brest, France.

The aim of the workshop is to introduce aquaculture species from the low-trophic levels to young and promising chefs by catering professionals and producers. The master class will include abalone, algae, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and oysters, all of them researched in the AquaVitae project.

This exchange looks at disseminating knowledge about sustainable aquaculture in order to encourage professionals to integrate these products into their menus. The encounter will gather chefs – including the participation of recognized and influential Brittany chefs such as Nolwenn Corre (in the above picture), Nicolas Conraux (in the hereby picture), Julien Marseault and David Royer-, cooking students and researchers.

Chef Nicolas Conraux

Consumers and general society are also the target of this encounter. AquaVitae project tries to spread the word about these new products cultivated in a sustainable way. By working with species from the lowest levels in the trophic chain, AquaVitae is not only feeding the world, but also contributing to climate change mitigation: food from low trophic levels is produced using less energy resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

The meeting will gather catering professionals, cookery schools, scientist, producers and industry around the emblematic products of the Aquavitae project. These aquaculture agents will discuss their approaches, cook and taste the products.

The workshop includes the visit of France Haliotis, an innovative farm for European abalone and macroalgae. France Haliotis has developed original farming techniques and a unique economic model allowing the sea-based grow-out of European abalone and algae.