The way forward: Trans-Atlantic collaboration on sustainable aquaculture

All-Atlantic21 side even on sustinable aquaculture with AquaVitae, ASTRAL and EATiP.

Screenshot with Elisa Ravagnan – ASTRAL, Philip James – AquaVitae and David Bassett – EATiP.

What are the challenges and opportunities in trans-Atlantic research collaboration and the development of a sustainable Atlantic aquaculture industry?

More than 100 participants from Europe, Africa, South and North America join online to discuss the challenges and opportunities on aquaculture research from a trans-Atlantic perspective, as well as to get a scoop on the BrATIP, an industry-driven Atlantic multi-stakeholder aquaculture platform. This event was one of the first steps to establish a constant dialogue across the Atlantic Ocean, as well as to create new opportunities to engage in the process.

Two H2020 projects AquaVitae and Astral shared experiences and best practices based on their research toward more sustainable aquaculture activities in Europe, South Africa and South America. Both projects offered hands-on examples and opportunities in:

– innovation,

– stakeholder participation,

– social awareness, and

– capacity building

Complementary,  the EATiP – the European Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform presented the AANChOR Joint Action: “Initiation toward a Brazilian Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform as a first step towards an All-Atlantic Aquaculture Platform”.  Using Brazil as a case study, but with application to all Belém partners, this initiative seeks to scope the potential for self-sustaining Atlantic aquaculture multi stakeholder platforms in the development of a national or regional Strategic Research & Innovation agenda for sustainable industry development.

ASTRAL focuses on integrated multi-trophic aquaculture (IMTA) farming, aiming to define, support, and promote this type of sustainable aquaculture production across the Atlantic area.

AquaVitae aims to increase aquaculture production in and around the Atlantic Ocean by developing new species, processes and products, focusing on low trophic species.

EATiP is an international non-profit association dedicated to developing, supporting and promoting aquaculture and, especially and specifically, technology and innovation in aquaculture across the European aquaculture value chain, accompanied by leading research groups and key representative associations & organisations.


–    Welcome remarks
Elisa Ravagnan, ASTRAL Coordinator; Philip James, AquaVitae Cordinator

–    Aquaculture innovation: challenges and opportunities
Charlotte Dupont, ASTRAL, BiOceanOr, France
Urd Grandorf Bak, AquaVitae, Ocean Rainforest, Faroe Islands

–    The policy and sustainability framework:  challenges and opportunities
Cristina Yacoub Lopez, ASTRAL, LEITAT, Spain
Wagner C. Valenti, AquaVitae, UNESP – São Paulo University, Brazil

–    Capacity building: challenges and opportunities
Michaela Aschan, AquaVitae, University of Tromsø, Norway
Marissa Brink-Hull, ASTRAL, University of Cape Town, South Africa

–    The industry role in research: challenges and opportunities
Luis Poersch, ASTRAL, FURG – Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil
Sylvain Huchette, AquaVitae, France Haliotis, France

–    Initiation toward a Brazilian Aquaculture Technology & Innovation Platform as a first step towards an All Atlantic Aquaculture Platform
David Bassett, EATiP, Secretary General

–    Closing remarks
David Bassett, EATiP; Elisa Ravagnan, ASTRAL Cordinator; Philip James, AquaVitae Cordinator